Student Success Story – Bryan Roob

Bryan Roob graduated with his B.S. in Industrial Engineering and minor in Business Administration in February 2022 and is working for Plexus Corp. in Neenah, WI.

What will you be doing? I design, develop, test, and evaluate integrated systems for managing production processes in the healthcare factory. This includes leading short- and long-term factory capacity planning, designing layouts of equipment, materials, and workspaces to maximize efficiency, as well as applying Lean manufacturing principles to reduce lead time within the factory. Additionally, I use statistical methods to perform calculations aimed at determining the process flow, staffing requirements, and production standards for current and potential new customers.

Did the Career Connections Center help you with your job search? During my freshman and sophomore year the furthest thought on my mind was finding an internship. I went to a workshop the Career Connections Center was putting together where underclassmen would be able to meet upperclassmen and ask questions. My biggest takeaway was to land an internship as soon as possible and to get my resume and job search in order. Next thing I knew I was visiting the Career Connections Center to revise my resume, optimize my LinkedIn and Handshake profiles, use the app to prepare for the career fair, and attended just about every resume raid and mock interview I could make it to. And, I landed my first internship shortly after. The Career Connections Center then helped me transition to another internship and finally helped me prepare for salary negotiations with a few companies, ultimately landing me here at Plexus!

By Megan Kosciesza
Megan Kosciesza Assistant Director of Career Development & Coaching