Student Success Story – Marshall Mohror

Marshall Mohror is a Senior Computer Engineering major and was hired by Cognex as a Summer 2022 Software Engineer Intern.

What did you work on this summer?  I worked on our In-Sight 2D products, which are cameras that can be programmed to do things like inspect parts in a factory. I’m usually improving the spreadsheet software that industrial engineers use to combine our machine vision tools to solve their manufacturing challenges. That involves both PC software for editing the spreadsheet, as well as the camera firmware that runs it.

What’s the best thing about your job?  As an intern, right away I was solving the same kinds of problems as full-time engineers and contributing to real products. I appreciate that and I gained experience rapidly because of it. Cognex is also flexible with working around school, and I never felt pressured to take on more work than I could handle.

What’s great about your company?  A lot of employers say that they have a fun company culture, but I doubt many live up to it as well as Cognex. I got the chance to fly out to Boston for the company’s 80’s themed 40th anniversary party, and the event kicked off with the executives dancing on stage.

Did the Career Connections Center help you with your internship search?  I first heard of Cognex when I met them at one of the career fair booths during my freshman year, and I applied for the opening on Handshake.

By Megan Kosciesza
Megan Kosciesza Assistant Director of Career Development & Coaching