Student Success Story – Elizabeth Mikkelson

Elizabeth Mikkelson is a Senior Biomedical Engineering major and was hired by Milwaukee Tool as a Summer 2022 Electrical Engineering Intern.

What did you work on this summer? This summer, I worked on the Next Gen VASMO 2, a variable speed module used for driving brushed motors. I focused on using GreenPAK integrated circuits and programmable semiconductors connected through an H-bridge. Throughout the process, I was able to draw up circuit schematics, test P&E tools, and work to cut costs on already existing platforms. I also spent time researching the best parts to use for my VASMO 2 design that would keep costs low.

What’s the best thing about your job?  The best part of my job is the people I’ve met. The engineers at Milwaukee Tool are great people, extremely smart and very talented, and through them, I’ve learned a lot about the engineering process. There are only so many skills you can learn in school and through this internship, they taught me how to take the next step to become an engineer.

What’s great about your company?  Milwaukee Tool culture is wonderful! There are so many fun events including food truck days and free Summerfest tickets. The cafeteria and in-house Colectivo is also a great part of everyday life.

By Megan Kosciesza
Megan Kosciesza Assistant Director of Career Development & Coaching