Student Success Story- Andrew Crisler

Andrew Crisler is a Junior Software Engineering major and was hired by Cognex as a Software Engineering intern for the summer of 2022.

What did you work on this summer? At Cognex, I work with a team on creating part of a front-end web application for use in many other internal groups across the globe for interfacing with and programming industrial cameras. The cameras Cognex constructs use machine learning in different ways to solve complex problems that occur on factory lines or in other areas of manufacturing. However, setting up these tools properly utilize the computer learning algorithms can be difficult for the average person. My team’s goal is to help create web applications to bridge this gap between humans and cameras employing artificial intelligence, creating easy-to-use, cutting-edge tools.

What’s the best thing about your job?  Because Cognex mixes traditional industry software technologies with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, this creates some unique and engaging challenges to solve as a software engineer. While my team and I may not be writing the computer learning algorithms, I would argue that addressing the many problems that follow with using machine learning in a product is just as tricky to resolve. Due to this challenge, I think the best part of my position is that I work side-by-side with senior engineers and other interns to crack these uncommon obstacles, utilizing my software engineering skills and learning the things MSOE does not teach in its curriculum.

What’s great about your company?  The people at Cognex are the best part of the company. If you are an ambitious and talented individual in the software field and want to use your skills in a unique and captivating area, then this is the company for you! At least half of the Milwaukee office is made up of MSOE graduates, and everyone in the office is more than willing to work with you to create quality software. The people here really do make the culture and the office great.

How did you find your internship opportunity?  I found my internship through the MSOE Career Fair and was also referred by an acquaintance.

How did the Career Connections Center help you with your internship search? The Career Connections Center helped me very much last year in my internship search. They spent a long time helping me set up my resume, prepare for interviews and gave me additional advice on my LinkedIn profile. I have a great internship now, so it must have worked!

By Emma Philipps
Emma Philipps Assistant Director of Career Development and Coaching