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Welcome to the MSOE Career Connections Center

There’s no question that the number one reason why students attend college is to obtain a fulfilling career. After working hard to earn a degree, they deserve a valuable return on their investment (ROI). When choosing the right school, there will no doubt be questions about the support provided to prepare for that professional success.

The Career Connections Center assists every student as they connect their MSOE education to their future goals, and we strive to make the internship and full-time job search as easy as possible students and alumni. Not only do we bring employers right on campus to recruit you, we can help you be their candidate of choice, or as they say in their industry…a HI-PO (high potential). We help students and alumni stand out with One-on-One, Personalized Career Coaching.

Prospective Students

Taking small steps in your career development throughout your time at MSOE will help you reach your professional potential. Starting with working in valuable internships while you’re going to school to a great start to your career with your first full-time job.

And, you don’t have to do it alone…the Career Connections Center is happy to help you every step of the way, from finding job opportunities, to creating an effective resume, to confident interview skills, to preparing for a career fair, to negotiating your salary.

Utilizing YOUR Career Connections Center Can Increase Your Career Success!

This is what some students have said…

“I had a resume review during my internship with some of the recruiters, hiring managers, and LinkedIn Professionals at Plexus, they said my resume was by far the best they had seen, and I know that’s from working with the Career Connections Center!” – Bryan Roob

“Going to the Career Connections Center was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself at MSOE. Not only did I get multiple interviews, but every company I interviewed with offered me an internship. This is an accomplishment I could not have done without the help of the Career Connections Center.” –Garret Schultz

“The Career Connections Center has given me lots of resume, interview, and career fair prep tools and advice that helped me obtain an internship right away in my freshman year. In my sophomore year, I got a new internship through the virtual career fair. I’m so thankful the Career Connections Center puts on the career fairs, because it gives students an easy opportunity to talk to several companies all in one day.” –Mackenzie Beck

“Before I started going to the Career Connections Center for help, I did not receive any interviews but after I started going, I received an abundance of interviews. Due to the Career Connections Center, I’ve worked in 2 great internships at Rockwell International and NVIDIA, and I also received interview opportunities with a number of other companies. Every time I left their office, I always felt more confident than before I went in, which is always a good feeling to have!” –Kam Mitchell


A supportive family is invaluable to the success of every college student, and you also have an important role to play in helping your student take the steps necessary to achieve their professional potential. One of the most important things you can do is simply encourage them to actively engage in their own career development throughout their time at MSOE.

We hope you’ll also encourage your student to utilize their Career Connections Center. We know that taking advantage of our resources and coaching helps students attain success in their internship and full-time job search.

We also assist students after they’re offered the job. Last year, we helped students negotiate higher starting salaries – some much higher… up to $10,000 more.

DID YOU KNOW… Research conducted by Gallup shows that students who regularly engage in career development activities during their time in college have better outcomes at graduation and are more likely to be satisfied with their college experience.

We welcome and encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the wide array of career development support and resources MSOE offers students and alumni.


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