Thank you for your interest in our talented students. We very much appreciate your recruiting efforts on our campus, both directly and virtually, and offering our students opportunities that further their professional growth.

The Milwaukee School of Engineering is committed to diversity and inclusivity in all hiring and employment practices and requires the same from employers recruiting our students.  The Career Connections Center is dedicated to educating and supporting students to help them make informed employment decisions, as well being dedicated to helping you connect with students and making it as easy and effective as possible. We want to create an ecosystem for you to be successful in your recruiting and hiring efforts at MSOE.

On-Campus Recruiting Policies

Employers recruiting on campus must be sponsored by the MSOE Career Connections Center or another office on campus to ensure all policies and procedures are followed.

The MSOE Career Connections Center requires that employer organizations be familiar with and adhere to the Principles for Ethical Professional Practice as outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) in 2017.

All employment professionals participating in On-Campus Recruiting efforts include; engaging in any recruitment activity including but not limited to creating an account in Handshake, posting position openings, attending career fairs and events, offering information sessions and events (either on- or off-campus), hosting publicity tables, conducting on campus interviews, and visiting/presenting in classrooms

Job Requirements

Employer organizations must have actual or anticipated valid, career-related full-time, internship or co-op opportunities for students and alumni. The organization must accurately describe the responsibilities and requirements for the opportunities it offers in all publicity, including online job postings and information sessions.  All conditions for advertised positions must be clearly publicized in the position description. This includes, but is not limited to, positions that are commission-based, involve out-of-pocket financial expenses, test taking, etc. 

The MSOE Career Connections Center does not oversee recruitment for student worker or part-time positions, such as camp counselor, nanny, restaurant server, babysitter, concession stand worker, etc. 

Offer Recommendation 

Offer Deadline Recommendation: We encourage employers to provide a reasonable timeline for students to consider an offer for an internship, co-op, research or full-time position. The Career Connections Center staff at MSOE informs students about the importance of thoroughly evaluating a job offer before making a final decision. We discourage students from making a rushed decision in order to prevent reneging. Students are also informed by the Career Connections Center team that once an offer has been accepted, their job search is done, and reneging is not an acceptable practice. All efforts are made to prevent reneging, including but not limited to deactivating student access to recruiting tools available through the Career Connections Center once they have indicated to our office that they have accepted an offer. 

Visiting Campus

Employer’s visits to campus, including using MSOE facilities for recruitment activities, must be planned and organized by/through the Career Connections Center or the Student Life office. This includes classroom visits, student organization meetings, tabling events, information sessions, career fairs, on-campus interviews, flyer posting or marketing materials/takeaways, etc.

The University prohibits recruiting and related activities in any public space on campus or in a room not specifically designated, approved, and organized for recruiting activities by the Career Connections Center.

Classroom Presentations & Meeting with Faculty

Some faculty on campus will allow employer representatives into the classroom to speak on a specific topic. This is up to the discretion of the faculty member. Employers are not allowed to visit a classroom uninvited. If you are interested in connecting with a faculty member, please contact the Career Connections Center.

Third Party Organizations

“Third Party Recruiter” refers to Employment Agencies/Search Firms/Staffing Services/Temp Agencies/On Line Job Board Services/IT Training/Contract/Recruiters, etc. Representatives may be approved to recruit or post opportunities under the following conditions:

  • The employer discloses that they are a third party employer
  • The posting is for an open and available position currently under contract with the third party employer *Postings for positions under speculation, or to build a database of applicants to secure a contracted position are prohibited 
  • No fee is charged to the student/applicant
  • The hiring company is an Equal Opportunity Employer 

The MSOE Career Connections Center asks third-party recruiters to review and follow the Principles of Professional Conduct for Employers set forth by NACE.

Requesting Student Information or Referrals from Faculty or Staff.

Employers are ONLY permitted to acquire information (academic or otherwise) about applicants or potential applicants directly from the student. 

In accordance with FERPA regulations, the MSOE Career Connections Center does not allow employers to post positions and/or hire students to act as their brand ambassadors and/or participate in marketing, branding, recruiting, soliciting, or commercial activity on campus.

The Career Connections Center and MSOE department faculty and staff will not provide any student information to an employer. 


Employment professionals will maintain the confidentiality of student and alumni information, regardless of the source, including personal knowledge, written records/reports, and computer databases in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  There will be no disclosure of student/alumni information to another organization without the prior written consent of the student/alumni, unless necessitated by health and/or safety considerations.

Solicitation & Commercial Activity

The University prohibits employers and organizations from posting, promoting or marketing any fee based or free/no-cost opportunities that have not been pre-approved by the University, collecting student, faculty or staff information on campus, and taking photographs which may infringe on trademarks. Below are a few examples of prohibited solicitation and commercial activities.

  • Promote, distribute, or sell a free service, resource, or product on campus.
  • Promote jobs that require students to purchase supplies or pay for training/certification.
  • Collect student information or photographs on campus for any reason unless pre-approved by The University or in conjunction with a Career Connections Center sponsored/authorized recruiting activity.

Posting Flyers on Campus

To post flyers on campus bulletin boards, materials must be submitted to the Career Connections Center for approval prior to being distributed to approved locations by employer.

Student Organizations

The University prohibits recruiting at student organization on-campus meetings and events unless planned and organized through the Career Connections Center. This includes: recruiting students, collecting resumes or other student information, sharing employer information for the purpose of recruiting, tabling, or posting marketing material at these events on-campus. Upon the invitation of a student organization and following approved co-sponsorship with the MSOE Career Connections Center, recruiting events/activities may be permitted on a case-by-case basis.

Home Based Employment

Unfortunately, because of the lack of enforced federal/state employer regulations/guidelines and our inability to conduct an effective vetting process, we cannot allow home-based jobs (babysitting/nanny, private caregiver, tutor, housekeeping, transportation services, etc.) to be posted or offered to MSOE students.

Employment Opportunities with Costs or Fees

MSOE will not allow job posting or participation in on-campus recruiting to organizations such as franchise, home or party sales and/or multilevel marketing-type organizations and/or other organizations that require a financial investment, purchase of supplies or equipment or pay a fee as a condition of participation or employment unless such fees are required in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws.

MSOE will not allow job postings or participation in on-campus recruiting to organizations that charge fees for training or housing.

* The permission to use MSOE facilities does not imply University approval or endorsement of the policies, practices or products of the recruiting organization.