Student Success Story- David Litton

David Litton is a Junior Software Engineering major and was hired by HED as a Software Engineering intern for the summer of 2023.

What did you work on this summer?

This summer I was involved in developing a user-friendly CNC machine interface aimed at streamlining product production. Collaborating closely with mechanical engineers and the production team, I contributed to creating a seamless workflow for production processes. Additionally, I joined a team focused on analyzing and testing product thermals to ensure alignment with recommended standards.

What was the best thing about your job?

I think the best thing about my job is how many different experiences I have had this summer. From working close to the terminal with vim, bash/ash, and Linux to working on a team using scrum methods to help our workflow. This internship has allowed me to experience many aspects of the software engineering world.

What’s great about your company?

The people that work there. Everyone there was welcoming of the intern team and was excited to show us what projects they were working on. They were also very supportive with our project and helping us solve issues.

How did you find your internship opportunity?

I found this internship at the Career Fair.

By Emma Philipps
Emma Philipps Assistant Director of Career Development and Coaching