Partnering with MSOE for senior design projects, consulting & contracted work, workforce development, and more…

Sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships support MSOE’s vision to set the standard for preparing leaders to solve the diverse technical challenges of the 21st century.

MSOE was originally founded out of a desire to collaborate to support shared objectives with industry and the community at large. We support a variety of mutually beneficial partnerships at a university, department, program, and classroom level. For more information, visit our Partnering with MSOE webpage.

Emerging Talent Development

Your organization wants to develop a relationship with students and have the opportunity to inform what students are learning to be ready for the future of work. We have students who are looking for purposeful projects and/or work experiences to apply what they are learning at MSOE. Partnerships formed for the purpose of creating a strong, cognitively diverse talent pipeline result in graduates who are uniquely ready to take on the challenges and opportunities today and into the future. Please consider:

STEM Outreach for K-12

Your organization wants to help build a strong and diverse talent pipeline. Our STEM Outreach Program serves over 5,000 K-12 students annually. We can use your help. If this aligns to your mission, vision or values, please consider getting involved in STEM Outreach programming at MSOE. Check out these additional options that specifically serve high school students.

Upskilling Existing Talent

Your organization wants to identify ways for you or your employees to stay current and/or advance their skills. At MSOE, we have a variety of different options to meet your needs.

Applied Research

Your organization has challenges without a defined solution and/or are trying to secure a competitive advantage. This can form the basis of an applied research project. Chartering an applied research project is dependent on availability of faculty expertise/capacity and typically involves a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a mutual Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA). In many cases, these projects are initiated by faculty members in partnership with their corporate partners. MSOE has also structured the following research centers to provide innovative industry solutions plus education and networking to create a competitive differentiation for your organization. Discuss your next challenge with the:

Consulting Services/Contracted Work

Your organization needs the expertise of faculty members and/or is interested in supporting their professional development objectives. Many faculty members are willing to entertain offers for contracted work and/or summer externships. These arrangements are developed directly with the faculty member and typically do not involve MSOE. But if you don’t know where to start, please contact the Dean of Applied Research and/or one of our Academic Chairs who can suggest the best contact for your project. Please know that MSOE is first and foremost a teaching university. Consequently, faculty time can be limited and has to be prioritized in relation to their personal and professional goals.

Event Support

MSOE can host events for corporate partners provided the event is aligned to our mission, vision and values and provides a benefit to MSOE (usually through the purposeful engagement of MSOE leadership, faculty, and/or students).  These events are typically held at the Kern CenterGrohmann Tower or Diercks Hall.

Alumni Engagement

Your organization employs MSOE Alumni but aren’t quite sure how to engage them in advancing your organization’s relationship with MSOE. Getting started is easy, please contact Director of Alumni Affairs and Special Events, Cathy Varebrook.


Philanthropic giving is an important part of a mutually beneficial university partnership. Simply put, it is difficult to prioritize all of the great ideas you might have about how MSOE can improve without financial support. All philanthropic gifts are administered through MSOE’s Development Department. If  interested in learning more, please contact Senior Director of Development, Greg Casey.

Philanthropy can support any/all of the objectives listed by providing funding for/via:

  • Annual giving campaigns
  • Program Support
  • Equipment/Software
  • Scholarships (summer programs, tuition, competitions, conferences, etc.)
  • Capital Improvements
  • Naming rights on campus spaces
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Student Organizations
  • We are open to your ideas!

Comprehensive University Partnership Planning

Our most valuable partnerships are strategic in nature, align activities to specific objectives, and involve aspects of many (if not all) of the items above. These partnerships have many moving parts and may benefit from the development of a Comprehensive University Partnership Plan. To learn more, please contact Greg Casey at 414-277-4510 or