We’re happy to announce our new MSOE Co-op Program. Because we’ve transitioned to a 2- semester academic calendar, MSOE students are now able to participate in a traditional Co-op work experience that can span a Fall or Spring semester along with a corresponding summer.

An MSOE Co-op is a full-time employment opportunity that coincides with our academic schedule – 16 weeks during Fall or Spring Semester, and 13 weeks during a Summer Semester.

An MSOE Co-op is a paid, structured experience where employers provide a variety of work responsibilities along with generous technical and professional support. Students will have the opportunity to do hands-on work in a professional setting, learn about an industry, and make a valuable contribution to your employer, as well as increase their major related knowledge and skills.

While students won’t take classes on campus, they maintain their full-time student status. They’ll be registered in a university Co-op course, and although it is a zero-credit course with no course fees, it will be reflected on their transcript.

The student’s first step in acquiring a Co-op position, even before conducting their Co-op job search and speaking with employers, is to meet with their academic advisor to ensure a Co-op experience fits well in their degree schedule.

Please visit the links below for more information about the MSOE Co-op Program for both student’s and employers. Julie Way, Director of the Career Connections Center is the MSOE Co-op Program Coordinator – contact her at with questions or for more information.

Resources for Students

Student Co-op Webpage

Resources for Employers

Employer Co-op Webpage